Agencies work on reforestation burned down forests


The Royal Forest Department (RFD) is making preparations to recover the recently burned down forested areas in Thailand’s North, the department’s director-general Attaphon Charoenchansa said. 

Attaphon added that he has instructed RFD officials to check the damaged areas and prohibited locals from invading the forest for agricultural benefits. Officials were also tasked with estimating damages and forest classification. 

The ministry will also appeal to the general public to assist in the recovery operation such as planting new trees. 

“We have created 622 village networks across the country to deal with forest fires. Each village has been given Bt50,000 to fund their forest-rescuing operations,” he said. 

Apart from these village networks, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNP) has set up 180 networks to reclaim the damaged forest land. 

RFD and DNP have prepared 50 million inhabitants and 16 million seedlings respectively to plant in forests in the North.