Barbers and restaurants can be reopened: expert virologists


Chulalongkorn University expert virologist Dr Yong Poovorawan said on his Facebook page that both barbers and restaurants could be reopened provided they take strict measures to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. 

You can open barbers if both barbers and customers wear medical masks, he said. In addition, hairdressers should finish their work as quickly as possible, spending the least amount of time touching a customer’s head. 

The doctor also suggested that barbers limit the number of customers in the shop to one at a time, or conduct an appointment service. In addition, the stores need to be properly ventilated. 

Regarding restaurants, they were also advised to have good ventilation and observe social distancing with appropriate seats.  

“These places should also limit the number of customers to one at a time and follow strict sanitisation rules,” he added.