BMA allocates grow-at-home veg for residents in lockdown


The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has handed out more than 20,000 vegetable sprouts to help residents affected by the Covid-19 impact cut spending and take advantage of their time during the stay-home period. 

“Vegetable sprouts distributed by the BMA are easy and quick to grow and include water spinach, bok choy, basil, holy basil, Chinese cabbage, and lettuce,” said a BMA official. 

“These sprouts require less planting space, so people can cultivate them in front of their house or on their terrace [in pots]. 

The official added that the project allows citizens to grow crops for consumption or sell to generate income. 

“The BMA has also handed out 2,500 planting kits, including pots, vegetable seeds, soil, chopped coconut shells, fertiliser, insect repellent and vegetable planting guides,” the official said. 

People and communities interested in receiving the vegetable sprouts as well as the planting kits, or getting advice on how to grow crops, can contact the Department of Social Development at 0870 087 599 and the Department of Environment at 0896 212 909 during working hours.