Booze industry urges govt to lift prohibition


Alcohol-industry organisations have asked the prime minister to lift the ban on selling alcohol, imposed as part of measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. The request came in a proposal from seven organisations – led by the Thai Fruit Wine and Local Spirit Producer Association, Thailand Bartender Association, and Thai Wine Association – to ease alcohol-related restrictions. 

The alcohol associations asked the government not to prolong the prohibition on sales beyond April 30, and allow beer and liquor to be sold via take-away and delivery services. 

They also asked the government to ease the tax burden and help manage the destruction of spoiled liquor amid the Covid-19 crisis, when entertainment venues have been closed. 

Meanwhile the associations want the government to lift the ban on the wholesale trade of alcohol, which they said is preventing producers from transporting their products to retailers where stocks can be safely stored in refrigerated conditions. 

They also asked authorities to notify them ahead of time before announcing future alcohol-related orders. 

The Excise Department has collected Bt132.236 billion in tax on alcohol so far this year, including Bt70.090 billion from beer and Bt62.146 billion from liquor.