Can Anyone Learn Animal Communication?


Is Animal Communication

a natural ability?


We are all naturally

telepathic from infancy.

I know of one mother who has consciously used telepathic communication with her twin boys since they were in her womb. She continued this after they were born, and both her boys continue to be telepathic with each other, with her, and with the family’s animal companions.

Yet, even when parents have not focused on communicating telepathically with their children, many young children who have animals in the family will speak telepathically with the animals very naturally. This was the case with me. We had lots of cats and dogs when I was a child, so I just naturally communicated with them.

As we grow up, we may stop using our telepathic abilities because older children or adults ridicule us for speaking about our intuitive knowings and actual conversations with animals. For most people, this causes them to shut down and stop using telepathy with animals in a conscious way.

I, myself, was rather lucky. When I would tell my parents what an animal had told me, they would say, “It’s just your imagination.” That allowed me to keep using my “imagination” and to continue having conversations with animals into my adult life. Part of me thought, “I’m just imagining it”, but another part of me kept having the conversations because it came naturally to me to do it, and it was fun! While I was communicating, it felt very real, but I mostly didn’t share this with anyone else.

If you want to learn telepathic communication with animals, there are many workshops and teleclasses offered by Animal Communicator Professionals. By attending these classes, you will being “remembering” how to use your natural abilities. It’s helpful to take a class to get yourself started, although some folks are reminded of their natural ability when one of their own animal family members begins talking to them.


One gal I knew was driving down the highway one day singing with the radio. Suddenly, she heard a male voice in her head singing along with her. It was her horse! She heard him quite clearly! So she started to speak with him, and he answered her. After that, she found it very easy to have lots of conversations with him.

So the answer is, YES, anyone who wants to learn Animal Communication can revive that already God-given ability. 

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Nedda Wittels, M.A., M.S., is a world renowned telepathic Animal Communicator, Certified Emotion CodeâÃ�Â�¢ Practitioner, Certified Master of Multidimensional Healing, Light Worker, and Teacher. She specializes in Animal Communication and distance healing for animals, Nedda also teaches a variety of teleseries, including a variety of TWA (Telepathy for Animals) courses. Contact Nedda at 860-651-5771 or at [email protected]. Visit her websites: and

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