Chula expert provides advice on dodging coronavirus


A senior medical lecturer at Chulalongkorn University explained how people contracted Covid-19. 

Dr Thiravat Hema-chudha offered the information via Facebook on Thursday (April 30), explaining that the virus is spread by droplets emitted from an infected person’s nose and/or mouth. These droplets can then be transferred–by touch or air–and enter the body of another person through their eyes, nose or mouth. 

Indoors or unventilated spaces, droplets from an infected person will remain airborne for long periods, eventually resting on people’s faces, bodies and clothes. The droplets can also be transferred to surfaces, where they remain a powerful source of infection for hours. 

The infection occurs when a healthy person comes into contact with the viral droplets and transfers them to his or her face. 

The doctor concluded that the best protection against the virus was to avoid touching your face unless you first washed your hands.