Computer Program sifts through 28.8 million applicants, finds only 16 million eligible for handout


Within a month, 28.8 million people registered for the government’s Bt5,000 cash handout, though Finance Minister Uttama Savanayana insists that the total number of applicants stands at 24 million and the remaining 4.8 million had been added due to a technical error. 

Of the 24 million, 1.7 million were rejected by the Department of Provincial Administration software, leaving only 22.3 million eligible. 

Of the 22.3 million, 4.2 million are farmers or in the civil service and therefore unacceptable, 1.1 million are eligible for compensation from the social security scheme instead, and 950,000 have withdrawn their application. 

Therefore, only 16,050,000 people are eligible, of whom 10.6 million were approved. Meanwhile, the ministry has been sending funds to 7.5 million people since April 8. 

On April 30, the money will be sent to 480,000 applicants, while the remaining 2.6 million must wait until May.