Energy Ministry floods local clinics with alcohol sanitiser


The Energy Ministry has delivered batches of 70-percent alcohol sanitiser to 42 sub-district hospitals as well as community clinics across the country, Energy Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said on Wednesday (April 29). 

“The move enables medical personnel and citizens to use alcohol for cleaning hands and equipment,” he said. “So far, a total of 220,600 litres of alcohol have been sent to 42 sub-district hospitals and community clinics nationwide.” 

The ministry cooperated with related agencies such as the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and PTT to deliver the sanitiser to 9,863 provincial health offices nationwide within 30 days. 

“We expect to deliver alcohol sanitiser to all provincial health offices before the end of May.” 

Sontirat said the ministry would continue helping citizens to contain the spread of Covid-19 despite the falling number of new cases. 

“Aside from delivering alcohol, the Energy Ministry is also implementing a measure to cut electricity bills for people,” he said. “Meanwhile, we will be creating local employment to enable people in each province to generate income and relieve their [financial] burdens” during the outbreak.