Ministry warns of false news on demand for home registration details for masks


The Ministry of Industry has warned people not to believe in fake news stating that they have to fill house registration details to receive free masks. 

Suchada Thaensap, the ministry spokesperson, on Friday (April 24) addressed reports appearing on online media that the ministry plans to distribute free cloth masks by postal delivery but the masks would be sent only after people fill out house registration details. 

“We would like to clarify that the government has assigned the ministry to produce 10 million cloth masks to distribute to people without having to register,” she said. 

She explained that the ministry will deliver 5.45 million masks to people in Bangkok via Thailand Post, according to the number of people in the house registration book. 

“We have tasked provincial governors to distribute 2.5 million surgical mask to people in Bangkok’s surrounding areas and risk-prone provinces, while appointing authorities to distribute 2.05 million masks to staff and employees who are at risk of infection,” she said. 

“We would like to ask people not to believe in this fake news because it would be beneficial for criminals to use information in a wrong way.” 

She added that people can verify the delivery status and report a case of not getting a mask or receiving an incorrect amount of the item at the Ministry of Industry’s Web site: or www.หน้ากากไทยต้านโควิด.com