More people cry for help as software rejects them for alms


A new group of people who failed to get the government’s Bt5,000 cash handout marched to the Finance Ministry on Wednesday (April 29) demanding payment. 

Crowds gathered at the department’s gate No 4 at 9am asking for help. 

Chor Chanpan, 56, said the software had rejected her for the subsidy even though she works as a merchant and was directly affected by the crisis. 

She said that the website www.เราไม่ทิ้งกัน.com said that she was not affected by the Covid-19 situation because some of her products can still be sold. 

Meanwhile, “K Yaowarat” volunteers showed up to distribute aid packages among the crowd.

414 Thais being airlifted back over the next two days 


More than 400 Thai nationals will fly back home over the next two days, Natapunu Nopakun, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Wednesday (April 29) 

AirAsia Flight FD9322 from Mumbai, India, will arrive in Thailand at 7.45pm on Wednesday carrying 189 passengers. 

On Thursday, 15 Thais will return from Russia at 10.30am, 40 from Sri Lanka and Maldives at 4.45pm, and 170 from Chennai and Bangalore, India at 11pm. 

All returnees will be placed in state quarantines. 

The Foreign Ministry said 2,981 Thais had been repatriated from 22 countries from April 4-29.