The Finance Ministry opens a centre to receive complaints about a cash handout scheme


The Ministry of Finance on Thursday morning (April 30), opened a centre to receive complaints about the implementation of the government’s cash handout initiative. 

Staff at the ministry’s front office set up a space, taking precautions to prevent Covid-19 spread. 

The program provides self-employed people Bt5,000 a month for three months. 

In the past, people have come to complain to the ministry about their requests being turned down. Some have even attempted suicide.

Chiang Mai stays on his toes despite no new cases in 18 days 


Chiang Mai remains on high alert for Covid-19 infections although the province has not had any cases for more than 18 days. 

The authorities are strictly screening people from Myanmar, where numerous infected cases were reported in Tachileik district, near Chiang Mai’s Mae Sai district. 

This week, the province will send officials to check migrant workers living in Chiang Mai, and enforce strict measures to prevent the virus from spreading in crowded places such as Army camps or prisons. 

Dr Kittiphan Chalom from Chiang Mai’s public health office said that cumulative cases in the province were 40, and eight patients were being currently treated in hospitals.

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