Symptoms of African horse sickness aired as Thailand suffers first-ever outbreak


The Government Gazette has detailed the symptoms of African horse sickness, after Thailand detected its first outbreak on March 25. 

The disease was first found in Nakhon Ratchasima but has now spread via mosquitoes, gnats and gadflies to other parts of the country, killing hundreds of horses, as well as zebras, camels, donkeys and mules. 

Equines infected with the African horse sickness (AHS) virus will show symptoms of listlessness, no appetite, swollen eyes and fever exceeding 38.5 degrees Celsius. 

Owners of animals must contact local animal husbandry officials within 12 hours if their animals show any symptoms of AHS. 

An official survey showed the source of infection came from horses imported from Africa. A ban was imposed on transporting equine stocks out of areas where AHS was found. 

Last week the Department of Livestock Development and Thailand Equestrian Federation acquired AHS vaccines to help prevent further spread of the disease. It also encouraged owners to protect their horses and equines by erecting mosquito screens.

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