Queuing up for Covid relief


People suffering hardship during the Covid-19 crisis queued at Hatyai Wittayalai School on Friday (April 24) to receive necessities donated by teachers, parents and philanthropists in Songkhla province. 


The school has set up three distribution points where social distancing measures are in effect to reduce the risk of virus transmission. Among those queuing up for donations of food and other essentials were elderly people, as well as people who had been rejected by the government’s Bt5,000 handout scheme. The first batch of relief payments was delivered to eligible citizens’ bank accounts Friday. 

Pittaya, a 45-year-old trader who was queuing up at the school, said that her application for the payments was currently being reviewed. 

The relief payment program provides eligible citizens with Bt5,000 a month for three months. To be eligible, candidates must be Thai nationals aged over 18, be self-employed, self-employed, freelance or non-permanent employees who are not insured under the social security system. 


Korat reduces curfew the checkpoint 

The Covid-19 Response Centre in Nakhon Ratchasima decided to reduce curfews in the northeastern province from 53 to 25 from April 23. 

 Provincial governor Wichien Chantaranothai said this would offer more convenience to those with permission to travel during the curfew. Those exempted from curfew restrictions include emergency services, medical personnel, and people working for transportation or delivery services. 

The province has seen no new cases of Covid-19 infection for 16 days. Of the 18 cases recorded in Nakhon Ratchasima, 12 have recovered and six remain in hospital treatment.