Special benefits still applicable for state welfare cardholders


Holders of state welfare cards will continue being entitled to additional benefits announced since the outbreak of Covid-19, the Government Public Relations Department said. 

In a Facebook post about its “@prd.region7” page, the department addressed inquiries by saying: “The more than 14 million holders of the state welfare card will continue receiving benefits in May as they have done in previous months. 

The benefits include Bt500 per month transport allowance, Bt200 to Bt300 per month for daily expenses (those earning less than Bt30,000 a year are entitled to Bt300), Bt230 monthly allowance for electricity, Bt100 per month for water and Bt45 discount on cooking gas every three months. 

Those over the age of 60 will be given an additional Bt50 to Bt100 a month, which can be accumulated in their account. 

In addition, cardholders will get a cash discount of Bt5 for each Bt100 they spend in participating retail stores up to a maximum of Bt500 a month.